Earthworks and Pavements

We deliver work in a way that generates community engagement and mitigates community disruption.

We have negotiated supply agreements with major quarries and cartage companies across Victoria allowing for best value procurement.

We have a team of experienced operators who are familiar and comfortable with the level of planning and disciplined execution required in brownfields environments.

We have a proud compliance culture in our team, actively identifying hazards and seeking to implement the hierarchy of controls as far as practicable in our works planning.

We use appropriate technology on site to improve construction processes, and isolate potential hazards. These includes:

  • GPS and laser grade control on excavators for 30mm tolerance finish

  • Total station survey control on grader and loader final trim operations for 5mm tolerance finish

  • Height and slew limiting technology on plant where overhead or plant slew zone hazards identified to isolate operators from hazards

  • Specialised excavator attachments used to reduce hazards associated with manual handling, workers in trench, and worker in Plant Operating Zones

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