We are an engineering construction business specialising in design and construction of road infrastructure.


Our team of Civil Engineering staff build up-front value into your project through:


Design Development

  • Pavement design experience and modelling to identify alternatives suitable to expected traffic loads

  • Access to AustRoads and VicRoads design standards

  • Feature survey and modelling of tie-ins to existing road surfaces

  • Construction staging planning to identify traffic and community impacts

  • Qualified geotechnical experience to identify best value fill types and quarry sources


Programme Management

  • Project specific programmes

  • Project resource histograms
  • Critical path analysis to build in float up front
  • Use of mapping software for desktop activity planning

  • Drone and LiDAR use for progress and production monitoring

Programme example.JPG

Construction Management

  • Delivery of works to a fixed price

  • Development and implementation of project specific Inspection and Test Plans to achieve the level of quality required for optimum value

  • Project survey and data set up prior to construction

  • Monitoring and auditing of completed works periodically to confirm conformance against design

  • Geotechnical testing during works as required to demonstrate conformance

  • Scheduled client meetings to track progress and identify trade handover timeframes

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